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The New & Used Boat Co. – Brand New Canal or River Boat

01.31.2017 · Posted in Transportation

If you’re looking for a brand new canal or river boat, The New & Used Boat Co. is the perfect place to start. As agents & distributors of canal boats, we are in a truly unique position where you, the customer, comesfirst. Our aim is to partner you with the perfect boat.

A used boat also usually comes with several scratches and dings, so you will not feel so bad if you add a few of your own. However, when you buy a used boat, please keep a couple of thousands aside to outfit the boat and make necessary repairs. A used boat will normally come with dock lines, life jackets, spare props, radio, safety equipment, and other nice additions. New boat owners will have to pay hundreds of dollars for these kinds of things. So, boaters can save a lot of money if they are on a  budget or they can use this money to buy other fittings. However, there is one disadvantage of buying a used boat is that whether the previous owner has done any maintenance on the boat or not. So, before buying a used boat, you should hire a boat surveyor to determine if the boat you are buying is in a tip-top shape. This way, you will know that you are buying a great used boat.

Our supply chain comprises of the UK’s leading Boat Builders, which when combined, creates UK’s largest portfolio of canal and river boats providing you with the benefit of choice. All our boat building partners have their individual styles, and we don’t just believe in illustrating this through photographs. Being the market leaders, our strong financial position enables us to have up to 20 demonstrator boats in stock ready for viewing, allowing you to get a true feel for their individual personalities and craftsmanship.

A spokesperson at The New & Used Boat Co. explained, “Many of our customers are new to boating. We’re passionate about welcoming newbie boaters on-board. The buying process can be quite overwhelming when your new to boating, that’s why we feel it’s essential to have an experienced team of boaters at your disposal whom, all have their own stories and individual experiences to drawn on and for you to learn from”.

It’s quite hard to sum up, what The New & Used Boat Co. is in just a few words. The New & Used Boat Co. provides a very efficient and professional brokerage service for those looking to buy or sell used canal or river boats.

Contact Us:

The New & Used Boat Co.


Mercia Marina,

Findern Lane, Willington,

Derbyshire, DE65 6DW

Tel: 01283 707357



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