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Quick & Pain-Free Waxing By House of London Therapists

02.01.2017 · Posted in Business

Whether you want a quick leg wax, or you want your underarm hair to disappear, house of wax have developed a set of waxing techniques to make the process quick & painless.  For intimate areas such as a bikini wax or a Hollywood wax, they use their strip-free hot wax. Their hot wax made from a unique formula of excellent Brazilian resins, camomile to sooth your skin after your wax & bees wax to allow it to apply to your hair.

Body hair is annoying for most of the women. Every woman desires a smooth and hair-free skin to flaunt the best of her dresses in summer. Most women choose to go to the salon to get their body waxed. But you can also wax at home using a body waxing kit, which will save not only your time but also money. Homebody waxing kits are very effective and their results last longer than shaving or other hair removing creams. You can select a hot/warm or cold wax kit for the purpose. Hot ones come with wax and a packet of fabric strips. Cold ones come with wax already pasted on the strips. All you need to do is just apply them directly to the body part. Using cold wax strips is easy and less troublesome.

House of Wax was founded to provide working professionals with high-quality waxing treatments without the usual hassle, fuss & discomfort you experience in other waxing salons. It’s situated in the Heart of London and their focus is on providing convenient waxing services that fit around your busy working life. Their waxing services are quick, clean & professional. They have developed a set of waxing techniques to provide you with the perfect wax every time, just give them a call! They can totally make it happen!

A spokesperson at House of Wax explained, “Our team of experienced waxing therapists specializes in providing professional & discreet bikini waxing services. Hollywood Waxing, Brazilian Waxing to Bikini Waxing, we do it all. We have experienced female waxing therapists specialize in providing quick & painless waxing. We use luxury hot wax to leave your skin perfectly smooth & hair-free”.

It’s quite hard to sum up, what House of Wax is in just a few words. All of their waxing therapists are trained to provide you with the perfect wax, every time & in the shortest amount of time possible.

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14 Ingestre Pl Soho

London, W1F 0JQ

United Kingdom


Phone: 44 207 734 4184


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