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03.17.2017 · Posted in Business is U.K’s No.1 Radio Code Company. They were established off the back of many customers not being happy to pay the prices of local garages and dealerships to unlock their car radio. First and foremost they value customer service, it is one of their core values and why they are one of the very few companies to offer a money back guarantee. They go above and beyond to give their customers the fastest and most knowledgeable service; rest assured yours in safe hands.

Car code to Mitsubishi stereos is the solution to the current problem of theft. With the advance in technological knowledge, it has been made easy to remove radios from the vehicles and batteries. In 1990, Mitsubishi introduced a product to culminate this problem. This gives security and guarantee to the consumers. Car code to Mitsubishi stereos is an Anti-theft code that helps secure your car radio. The codes are known in different names; Radio codes, Anti-theft codes, Theft lock, security code, unlock code or Decoding. All radios are given a serial number prefixed with an “MR or MB”. To attain this code, one sends the serial number to the manufacturer who in turn E-mails the code to you. The serial number is at chassis of the radio, to access it you must remove the radio. The owner should know the code or maintain a copy of the same. One should not leave a copy in the car, or somewhere it is easily accessible, this is to reduce chances of been interfered with by unauthorised people. Stereos are important especially when you experience a dead battery or a disconnected battery. This assists automotive industry to serve their customers relevantly.

A spokesperson for explained, “We pride ourselves on providing a quick, online and stress-free car radio decoding service. We decode your radio then email out your unlock code and any relevant instructions to assist you. Some radio decodes are shown instantly after check out & 99% of our radio codes are delivered within the hour. However, some specialist codes may take longer”.

It’s quite hard  to sum up, what is in just a few words. They are very proud of their guide and service, but then they are biased. What delights them is that they receive so many positive comments from people who aren’t.

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