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JDM Computing – IT Support Services

03.23.2017 · Posted in Computers

JDM Computing is placed on the Cheshire border within Stockport and Macclesfield in Heald Green. They offer their service to the Manchester and whole of the North West. JDM Computing was founded in 2008 especially to help SMEs who can’t afford to maintain a full-time IT department to address their computing needs. JDM provides an all-round service, from a single computer to fully installed and supported networks. They provide Hosted Exchange Services and well as supplying and maintaining Servers and PC’s.

A cloud accounting software enables users to operate computer programs across an Internet connection. Provided that users have constant and stable web access, the advantages of this sort of browser-based software are many as it preserves time, money, hard drive space and many more. More and more technology companies are promoting their own cloud accounting solutions every year, which also presents it as an increasingly viable option. Most software is available on a subscription or usage basis, meaning that users can try different programs before making any long-term commitments or plunking down a lot of money upfront, as the most conventional software requires. Also, cloud accounting is a low-overhead solution, since program upkeep is often performed by the software’s service provider.

As the global marketplace continues its migration to the Internet, it’s clear that cloud accounting software is the most sensible option when choosing how to manage shared information safely and efficiently while maintaining on-demand access capabilities.

A spokesperson for JDM Computing explained “Our professionals have been operating with small and medium-sized companies in the Northwest for 15 years, and know several things about what they need. We combine the wisdom of experience with cutting edge techniques to find efficient, effective, inexpensive solutions to the unique challenges of your business.  We work with you to provide bespoke business IT solutions, tailored especially to suit the size and requirements of your organisation”.

It’s quite hard to sum up, what JDM Computing is in just a few words. They are very impressive of their guide and service, but then they are biased. What relishes them is that they receive so many positive comments from people who aren’t.

Contact Us:

218 Finney Lane
Heald Green
United Kingdom
Phone: 0845 2932540

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