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Root3 – LED Lighting Suppliers

04.20.2017 · Posted in Business

At Root3 they utilise their experience and knowledge to supply the perfect LED products for their customers. They are committed to delivering effective energy reduction solutions.

LED Lighting is one of the most efficient forms of lighting available. LED lighting uses only about 10% of the electricity compared to traditional lighting. LEDs saves over 80% energy than the traditional incandescent or more. The low power consumption of LEDs leads to notable energy and cost savings. In spite of consuming low power, the same power provides 10 times more brightness compared to the incandescent lamps. LEDs have a very long life, and they are very robust. LEDs have no harmful gases, such as mercury. LEDs do not generate heat in the form of infrared radiation. The absence of infrared radiation allows LED products to be positioned in locations. LED lights can be pretty expensive, but they do bring some huge benefits. A reliable supplier will always find a way to keep the prices low and show the benefits of the products he’s selling.

If you are constructing a new home or you are planning to replace ordinary bulbs in your home, it’s highly recommended that you use LED lights to take the advantage of benefits.

A spokesperson for Root3 explained “As part of our commitment to our clients, we carry out lighting audits where our experienced surveyors will attend your property and carry out a detailed audit of your current lighting installation. Once the audit data is returned to our office, the information is inputted into our bespoke lighting calculation software system. With all of all projects, we aim to offer a solution that is cost neutral. Our lighting audits are very thorough, we look and assess every aspect of your current lighting and see where and how best a LED lighting system would best fit your property”.

It’s quite hard; to sum up, what Root3 is in just a few words. They use their knowledge to select which products offer the best return on investment.

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Root3 Lighting Ltd
Unit3 Knightwood Court, Gapton Industrial Estate
Great Yarnouth, Norfolk, NR31 0NQ
United Kingdom
Phone: 01493 660574

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