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Bev’s Tea Co – Real Leaf Tea For The Perfect Brew Every time

04.25.2017 · Posted in Business

At Bev’s Tea Co, they bring their tea-making skills to create a new tea in Scotland. They ensure to produce the freshest and highest quality teas locally and around the world. In fact, they only source tea whose ethical stance matches theirs.

Green tea has started to make a buzz in the market. Many are interested to know its advantages. Nowadays many food companies are also using this ingredient in many products such as in pastries, health drinks, ice cream flavour and so on. Even celebrities are now using green tea in their everyday diet because of all the talk about it. What is really great about this tea? Studies show that it has health benefits that can help in many ways. The first top benefit is for heart patients. Green tea is one of the most ancient medicines. It helps in lowering bad cholesterol named LDL levels. It also increases the cholesterol HDL levels inside our body. Another top benefit of this beverage is weight loss. People who are suffering from obesity, they can start consuming green tea. It helps in burning fat easily. How is that possible? It improves the metabolism rate of our body and equalises heart in control.

A spokesperson at Bev’s Tea explained, “Whether you are up a hill, in your office, on your bike or at home, you can travel the world in your teacup! Make your own small ‘escape’ to the streets of India with a cup of our warming chai. A good teapot is a friend for life and ours are simple but great to use. If you want to learn more, why not buy our loose leaf taster packs and try some new flavours”.

It’s quite hard; to sum up, what Online Best Bingo is in just a few words. They pride themselves on sourcing only the best quality loose leaf tea for their members. Using their search and navigation system, you can easily search the best.

Contact Us:

Bev’s Tea Company, Camellia House

Burrell Street, Comrie, Perthshire, PH6 2JP

Phone: +44 7752 449373



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