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House of Wax – London’s Top Rated Leg Waxing Salon

08.14.2017 · Posted in Health & Care

At House of Wax, their experts and professional team will help you to get your legs waxed in the best possible way. Here, their team and experts are so professional, reliable, highly efficient and personable that they can offer you the utmost convenience with their services.

A leg wax should be done only by professionals. We do not advise to consider giving yourself a leg wax. Those professional waxers are easy to find. Some people will come to your home to do the waxing process, but most of the women prefer to go the cosmetic salons to get their legs wax. Finding these salons could be done by searching the web through the yellow pages or through any search engine. Just type legs wax and the name of the city you live in. The best way is to ask your fellow friends.

A spokesperson for House of Wax explained, “Everyday we wax 100 pairs of legs. Over the past 25 years, we have developed our own set of waxing techniques to provide you with the perfect, quick & painless leg wax. Using our 25 years of experience we have developed our own set of leg waxing techniques to ensure your leg wax is quick & painless and leaves you with silky smooth legs in less than 20 minutes. Our team of experienced female waxing therapists specialise in providing our customers with smooth hair-free legs. We use the highest quality luxury hot wax to leave your legs feeling silky & smooth. In fact, our body & leg waxing services are quick, clean & professional. We have developed our own set of pain-free waxing techniques to provide you with the perfect leg wax every time”.

It’s quite hard; to sum up, what House of Wax is in just a few words. They pride themselves on their integrity and reliability. In fact, all their services are carried out by very experienced, fully insured professionals.

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14 Ingestre Place



Phone: 0207 734 4184


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