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Valour Strike – UK Supplier Of Boxing Equipment

08.22.2017 · Posted in Business

Valour Strike is here to help you get the best and extensive collection of boxing equipment. At Valour Strike, they will offer you with the best and extensive collection of boxing gear, boxing gloves and boxing pads at the most affordable prices. In fact, they make sure that you will get the maximum convenience and  satisfaction with their services and products.

MMA is a contact sport where all movements have to be done using the hands and feet. Two types of MMA gloves are used when training or when competing. The first type is the one you normally see boxers wear. This type of glove is used during training periods. During training, the 160z boxing gloves is the preferred pair. This is because it greatly helps students improve their striking and how they use their hands. You would also find that there is more weight in the boxing gloves than the official gloves used in MMA.

A spokesperson for Valour Strike explained, “We are a leading UK supplier of desirable premium mixed martial art equipment. We as a brand that invests in you in fitness and health. We are quickly becoming the go-to brand for Boxing and MMA professionals. We provide a range of boxing gear to suit every need from our Best selling boxing gloves to our next level protection head guards. Rest assured you’re in safe hands, we believe in providing our products at a fair price while giving the users professional fight gear that doesn’t disappoint, our products are made by fighters for fighters. In fact, transferring all your frustration and aggression directly into our boxing pads and getting fitter, faster & stronger are we best at”.

It’s quite hard; to sum up, what Valour Strike is in just a few words. They pride themselves on their integrity and reliability. In fact, all their services are carried out by very experienced, fully insured professionals.

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