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Souters Microsoft Office Courses – Learn Microsoft Office Today

09.12.2017 · Posted in Business

Souters Microsoft Office Courses is here to help you get the perfect training in Microsoft Office courses. At Souters Microsoft Office Courses, their professional and expert staff will offer you with the finest service at the best prices.

If you own a small or home-based business, you no doubt play many different roles. You fulfil the responsibilities of bookkeeper, marketing specialist, quality control, product developer, customer service administrator and a host of other roles. Each task requires a proficiency in a different software program. It can be overwhelming to not only get everything done but to use each program in an efficient manner. With Microsoft training online, you can learn the basics of each software program, and complete all of your tasks on time and within a budget. The biggest advantage of online software training courses is that you can learn on your own time, within a schedule that fits your needs. Online courses give you the freedom to choose your own schedule, whether it’s the first thing in the morning or late at night when everyone else has gone to bed.

A spokesperson for Souters Microsoft Office Courses explained “Souters is a Microsoft Certified Academy. Therefore, we can offer MOS Certiport Exams to our students and the wider public. These are international qualifications offered by Microsoft Certiport. Our Academy status requires that we maintain the highest standards of online learning. All of our online training is completely interactive. The system uses virtual tutors from live servers. This enables the student to receive tuition from a virtual tutor, who can mark and give feedback on their exercises. This process simulates personal tuition with an online tutor”.

It’s quite hard; to sum up, what Souters Microsoft Office Courses is in just a few words.  All of the courses are CPD Accredited, and students will receive CPD Certificate on successful completion of training. They pride themselves on their integrity and reliability. In fact, all their services are carried out by very experienced, fully insured professionals.

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