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Dolan Accountancy – The Best Contractor Accountancy Package

10.11.2017 · Posted in Business: Finance

If you have been thinking to get the complete contractor accountancy package without compromising on the quality of service, then Dolan Accountancy can help you out and offer the best service.

These days, you can’t avoid IR35, you are either in it or outside the scope of it. IR35 has been around for a while now, and although the government make it clearer for contractors to know if they are inside or outside of IR35. IR35 was in part, brought about to ensure limited company contractors and small businesses work in a right and proper manner carrying the same level of risk, responsibility, liability and control that other directors of limited companies accept. Working through a limited company is the tax-efficient way possible, so it is only fair that to take advantage of these tax breaks the company is run legitimately. There are places where you can get IR35 contract templates and support in the event of an investigation, and we’re sure a quick Google search will reveal about 1.1 billion results which seems to be the typical Google search return.

A spokesperson for Dolan Accountancy explained, “Dolan Accountancy was established up by Simon J Dolan, the person behind the thoroughly-known brand SJD Accountancy. After marketing SJD in 2014, Simon has been away from the industry for three years but has been following the market very firmly, deciding in 2017 to come back into the accountancy world that he knows so well, but to do things a little separately. Dolan Accountancy now has the legacy, reputation and credibility of the Dolan name, linked with our firm financial footing, our money back evidence and of course our ability to give you the best possible price. We believe this decides to choose Dolan Accountancy crystal clear and we hope you agree”.

It’s quite hard; to sum up, what Dolan Accountancy is in just a few words. Their unequalled service with the comprehensive knowledge, resources and operational experience offers a profoundly effective and cost-efficient service that is second-to-none.

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