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Trethowans – Professional and The Most Reliable Team Of Solicitors

12.04.2017 · Posted in Home And Garden

Trethowans is a leading law firm providing legal services to individuals and corporate client at a competitive price in Southampton. In fact, they provide you with free legal advice on every first Monday of the month. Also, they offer service to both individuals and corporate clients on most of the legal matters.

A solicitor is a legal practitioner who represents himself on his client’s behalf. Basically, a solicitor is the person who deals along with the most of legal matters in jurisdictions. A lawyer must have legally-defined qualifications, and this could vary from one domain to another. He should have specific skills to be a solicitor. He is a member of that branch of the legal profession. He advises clients, represents them before the lower courts, and prepare cases for barristers to try in the higher courts. Solicitors are lawyers who practice in Equity courts. The role of the solicitor is to meet prospective clients, hears the client’s problems, gives legal advice to them, and negotiates on the client’s behalf before the lower court.

A spokesperson for Trethowans explained, “We are the leading law firm in the South of England. Here, we provide a comprehensive range of legal services for business and individual clients. We serve international and national household brand names, owner-managed companies, entrepreneurs and major regional employers across the UK. When acting for individuals, we advise landowners, entrepreneurs, local families, property developers and Trustees amongst others. In fact, we have a highly-experienced team of professional legal solicitors who are well-versed in claims against all types of professionals”.

It’s quite hard; to sum up, what Trethowans is in just a few words. They are one of the best and the most acknowledged legal advisor. Here, they represent their clients before the lower court. They also make sure to provide you with the best legal service in the UK with a free consultation on Monday.

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