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Sunshine Mobile – Choose Any Phone You Want From No Credit Check Mobile Network

12.10.2018 · Posted in Shopping

Sunshine Mobile is the no credit check mobile network company offering a wide range of latest and trendy handset to customers at very reasonable monthly plans. They provide people with a second chance to get a brand new contract phone despite their bad credit history.

Contract phones for people with bad credit are getting popularity day by day because it has helped many people in getting a brand new phone who are suffering from credit problems. With so many expenses, sometimes people face a hard time paying their bills timely which may affect their credit score. Generally, if a person interested in getting a phone contract contacts mobile companies, then companies checks his/her past credit, and if they find any problem with credit records possibilities are there that they may restrict the concerned person in getting the deal. But there are few mobile companies which also offer phone contracts to people with bad credit out there. These networks have considered most peoples current situation and have released new tariffs plans specially designed for anyone with a poor credit history.

A spokesperson for Sunshine Mobile explained, “We are pleased to offer phone contract from our wide range of latest and trendy mobile handsets at very affordable and well-designed plans to customers with bad credit history. It does not matter to us how bad your credit history is, we work on no credit check contracts to give customers a chance to get a brand new phone. We provide an opportunity for our clients to get new handset straight away, without struggling to save up beforehand. Our flexible re-payment plan allow customers to set what date they would like their contract to start along with the ability to change any future payment to a date that works for them. Our highly dedicated and professional team will provide you with a new phone with a quick, convenient and discreet service”.

It’s quite hard; to sum up, Sunshine Mobile in few words. They are one of the leading mobile company offering contract phones for bad credit also as they believe that bad credit should not stop anyone from getting a new phone. It is very convenient to select and order a contract phone that best suits your requirements from there site.

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PO Box 790, Hall Court, Hall Park Way
Telford, TF79GA
United Kingdom
Phone: 03709988777

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