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Garden Hideouts – Big Thinking for Small Spaces

01.03.2019 · Posted in Home And Garden

The beauty of a garden room is that it brings so much extra pleasure and practicality to your home, all for a relatively small outlay in space and cost. And at Garden Hideouts we are specialists in small spaces.

A garden studio is a respectable investment in any property. In today’s competitive air of lifestyle perfection, how can one create the perfect design for one’s garden? Tailor-made garden rooms can be achieved by sourcing an experienced architect or specialist garden room designer. Depending on your property and preferences, your design will be worked up accordingly. How to make garden rooms into grand designs? Take an objective view of your home, inside and outside. You have an initial choice here: do you want the outside of your garden studio to reflect something of the outside of your home or would you be comfortable for it to be a contrast?

A spokesperson at Garden Hideouts explained, “At the outset, we’ll carry out a site survey to assess the area and give you a fixed price for placing your Shepherd Hut or Garden Pod in your chosen spot. Delivery and installation are usually around 30 days from the point of order. Everything is handled by our team so its quick and hassle free. So any items can be kept inside all year round with no worries about frost or humidity. It’s the completely weatherproof environment”.

It’s quite hard; to sum up, what Garden Hideouts is in just a few words. Garden Studio customers care about the aesthetics of their home and garden. They see it as a value-adding design statement and a versatile living space for their property. Studios are regularly used by journalists, designers and senior management staff from all industries as work spaces. In this way, they release their dining room or spare bedroom from their paperwork and computer clutter and gain a separation from the home. The Garden Studio is the most contemporary, most up-market design available as a garden room. They may all be sheds, in the eyes of some, but the studio must be the most opulent shed of all or visit at –

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