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Angel Wood Craft: Hand Crafted Love Spoons From A Passionate & Talented Craftsman

04.15.2019 · Posted in Business: Services

Angel Wood Crafts was founded by brilliant wooden craft artist Paul Curtis. Born in South Wales, he had a great passion for wooden craft, and a visit to a well-known craftsman inspired him to make wooden love spoons. His online collection of love spoons is entirely hand made from FSC certified hardwood and generating great interest in people worldwide.

Carving wooden lovespoons was originated in Wales. It took place hundreds of years ago when young men started showing their affection for girls by gifting them handcrafted lovespoons. As in the modern era, men offer flowers, chocolates and other gifts to women to attract their attention and get relationship approvals, in the old era, lovespoons were quite famous. These were often known as the sign of love. Gradually, this custom was spread in Europe as well. Men would spend many hours crafting beautiful spoons to gift the woman of their interest. In the modern era, this custom is not alive much; however, museums still have those lovespoons which were crafted many years back. People has started keeping these spoons for home decorations. There are companies making lovespoons in modern days, although, most of them are not handcrafted. The beauty and value of a handcrafted lovespoon is incredible.

A spokesperson from Angel Wood Craft explained, “These lovespoons are famous everywhere and are crafted with hands very neatly. Paul’s first lovespoon was carfted in a museum where a craftsman inspired him to do so. Later, in 1985 his spoons started making headlines, and the interest of people grew. This gave him thought of starting a small lovespoon business. So he did. He has been sponsored by Prince of Wales in this beautiful venture.”

It is hard, to sum up, Angel Wood Crafts in a few words. Paul Curtis is enlargening his collection day by day as the demand is increasing for the lovespoons. These beautiful wooden spoons are the admirable gifts for your loved ones. You can order today on Paul’s website.

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