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PureChimp – Best Matcha Green Tea & Flavoured Matcha

03.31.2017 · Posted in Business

PureChimp is based in Cambridgeshire and was founded in 2013. They are the home of the popular selling Super Green Tea named up Matcha Green Tea. Join 25’000+ people that are thriving on the benefits of this wonderful product. Green Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world after water, and the health benefits of tea come from it being a rich source of antioxidants. Matcha’s antioxidant power is based on catechins which hunt down and destroy the free radicals that can trigger various diseases. The great news is that matcha drinkers consume 137 times more catechins than ordinary green tea drinkers.

You may have heard of common black tea’s less popular little brother green tea but are you aware that in Japan, the green variety is more common than black? The green variety, along with being a light, more refreshing alternative to black tea, has some amazing health properties that could benefit people suffering from all types of ailments, including obesity and cardiovascular disease. The green variety of tea is essentially the same plant as black tea, but instead of fermenting it for long periods of time, it is dried and utilised fresh. This process preserves the numerous health qualities of this natural wonder. Along with the many health effects exhibited by this tea, there is also another interesting phenomenon that has been found in green tea consumers. They are less likely to be obese! It was once thought that the caffeine in green tea was the key factor that encourages fat breakdown when consuming green tea, but as more research is done, it has been found that there are other substances in this tea that have a powerful fat burning effect when consumed regularly.

In this atmosphere of toxicities, from the smog on the way to work to polluted water, we need to turn to more natural substances for answers to our society’s numerous health problems. Green tea may potentially be one of our most powerful allies in the war against disease. Do not take my word for it, get out there and prepare yourself a hot cup of green tea today and feel the difference.

A spokesperson at PureChimp explained, “Our great quality ceremonial grade matcha cannot be matched when it comes to value for money. Our supplier has been producing the best matcha green tea for over 30 years, and we’re lucky to have a great relationship with them. This helps to make sure you always receive matcha that is a fantastic value for your money and tastes incredible. We always like to make our customers happy”.

It’s quite hard to sum up, what PureChimp is in just a few words. All of our products are also suitable for vegans & have been registered with the vegan society. We also help to look after the world by using recyclable glass jars, recyclable plastic pouches & recyclable paper when packaging your products.



16 Blackstone Road, Huntingdon Business Centre

Huntingdon , Cambridgeshire

PE29 6EF, United Kingdom

Phone: 01223926389



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