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Fidus InfoSecurity – Penetration Testing & Cyber Security Consulting Services

05.30.2017 · Posted in Business

Fidus InfoSecurity is a team of security professionals who offers penetration testing and cyber security consulting services worldwide. They counsel people on their internet presence, employee security awareness and, leveraging their expertise.

Cyber-attacks are becoming a norm these days. These attacks may affect the IT infrastructure of your company to a remarkable extent. Hence, it becomes important for your business to carry out systematic penetration testing to detect vulnerabilities. For penetration testing, you may take the assistance of information security services provider. Penetration testing is an authorised and proactive effort to assess the IT infrastructure’s security. There are numerous benefits of employing penetration testing. Penetration Test offers comprehensive information on concrete and vulnerable security threats. Through a penetration test, an organisation can proactively recognise which vulnerabilities are utmost serious.

There are a number of penetration testing companies that can help your organisation avoid all IT infrastructure evasions. It is better for your business to remain secure Sthan to face extreme monetary and status loss.

A spokesperson for Fidus InfoSecurity explained, “We use our extensive knowledge in penetration testing to help you establish a strong sense of security surrounding your SCADA and ICS systems. In fact, our experienced consultants work with you to create unique phishing assessments to test both employee response and susceptibility to such attacks. We also perform scanning on your behalf to ensure you remain PCI DSS compliant and work with you to remediate any troublesome findings”.

It’s quite hard; to sum up, what Fidus InfoSecurity is in just a few words. Their penetration testers evaluate both internal and external applications to ensure a strong security posture has been established.

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